Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Palestine “By The Numbers”

I’ve never been a “math person.”  Numbers intimidate me – I’m much more comfortable with words.  I’ve always thought it was a right-brain/left brain “thing,” but my math professor friend tells me I’m wrong – anyone can grasp math concepts!  Not sure I totally agree, but looking at the situation in Palestine “by the numbers,” here are a few to muse upon:
Historic Palestine

67% - Percentage of “Arabs” (Christians and Muslims) making up the total population of historic Palestine before 1948
33% -  Percentage of Jews in the total population of historic Palestine before 1948

78% - Percentage of land that was allocated to the Jews in the 1947 UN “Partition Plan”
22% - Percentage of land allocated to “Arabs” in the 1947 Partition Plan

537 -  Number of Palestinian villages destroyed in the “Nakbah” (disaster) of 1948
750,000:  Number of Palestinians made refugees by the 1948 Nakbah

Berlin Wall/Israeli "Separation Barrier" - a comparison

2/1:  Ration of the length of the Wall (“Separation Barrier”) to the length of the internationally recognized “Green Line” or border between Israel and the West Bank.
8 kilometers (about 30 feet) – height of Wall

$255,000,000 (that’s million!) cost of constructing each kilometer of the Wall
$3,2,000,000,000 (billion!) paid by US taxpayers that is sent to Israel every year (That’s more than $8,000,000/day).

101 – different types of permits that Palestinians living in the West Bank must obtain to cross into Israel for education, work, medical appoints, visits with family, etc.

50,000 – fruit-bearing trees destroyed on Palestinian farmland since 2009
A burned olive tree in Palestine

7 miles wide and 30 miles long:  size of Gaza (living in the Pacific Northwest, I think this is about the same size as the Long Beach peninsula in Washington State!)
1.8 million – population of Gaza

560,000 – Israeli settlers living in illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

99.7 – Percentage of Palestinian children (some as young as 5!) who are convicted of “crimes” like throwing stones (note: Israel just passed a law authorizing 20-year sentences for stone-throwing!)

200,000 – Current population of Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank.
500 – Approximate number of Jewish settlers living in Hebron (many in homes appropriated from Palestinians!)
1,000 – Number of Israeli soldiers stationed in Hebron to “protect” the settlers.

Shuhuda Street Today
1141 – Number of Palestinian shops closed on Shuhuda Street, Hebron, after American-born Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Muslim men praying in the Abraham mosque in 1994 (and wounded another 125) Yes, you read that correctly!  A right-wing Jewish extremist killed 29 Palestinian Arabs, and the Arabs were punished!
1114 – Number of Palestinian homes on Shuhuda Street closed to their owners at the same time.
0 – Number of shops on Shuhuda Street open today!

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  1. Dee Poujade: Thank you for this report on I/P history and status. My wife and I were at Mar Elias Educational Institutions for about 3 months this year as "hosts" (Google it).
    We have shown our photos and told our stories a few times, and will present a class about "Blessed are the Peacemakers" for four Sundays at our church next month and next year.