Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where is Tulkarm?

That was my first question when I opened my e-mail on Wednesday night to an e-mail from the Jerusalem EAPPI office, which included the Tulkarm  (also spelled Tulkarem) “handover report.”  Although the accompanying e-mail said we would have our placement assignments on Friday,  the sending of the report confirms that this is where I will be for the next three months (my host in D.C. received a similar report from East Jerusalem).

I must admit that my initial reaction was disappointment; I’d really hoped to be placed in Hebron, a place which I had visited twice and to which I felt “connected.”  But part of the job is accepting what you are given – and remembering that I have left myself open to whatever comes my way!.
And, despite my never having heard of it, Tulkarm is a city – of about 50,000 people – and an urban placement was my other “wish!”  

A brief perusal of the map tells me that Tulkarm is in the northwest of the West Bank, close to the Mediterranean sea, although the Wall prevents access to the sea by locals.  I also read that the climate is “Mediterranean sub-tropical,” which I’m guessing means I probably won’t need all of the wool socks and long underwear that I have packed!

I’ll be getting my first view of Tulkarm in a week or so – in the meantime, get out those maps and atlases and check it out! 

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